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West of Next takes its name from one of David Shapireau's songs, Mr. Poe's Grave, a bonus acoustic track on their debut album, What Is Your Destiny? The  music takes inspiration from the regional genres of American music(including it's Celtic origins) and original songs and instrumentals are composed that blend these elements into new presentations from an arranger's point of view. Composer-arrangers are interested in the exact details of music. The drum beats and rhythms, bass lines, horn voicings,nuances of harmony(chords), etc. Though West of Next is essentially a rock band, two electric guitars, electric bass and drums, the music is arranged as if there were more instruments available. Some listeners have said they've never heard music  like West of Next's played on those instruments quite like that.

Drummer Tony Dey played with legendary blues guitarist Michael Bloomfield, Van Morrison and Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies. Gabe Nelson of Cake, Sacramento’s most successful band, was the first bass player in the band and is on the CD. Paul Knutsen has replaced him. Steve Randall, voted  Best Guitarist in the Sacramento News and Review  rounds out the “twin” guitar sound.

West of Next is highly recommended to the discriminating listener. No gimmicks. A  surf bop journey through the musical heart of  the United States. David Shapireau & West of Next offer fresh songs and instrumentals that honor the genres of the U.S. that reflect the different lifestyles in the regions that gave birth to classic American music, while pushing boundaries.  “Cut with diamond-like precision” Sacramento Bee
"They're a five-piece band with considerable experience, a very professional demeanor, and absolutely monster musical chops. We played with them at the Torch Club in Sacramento and we were all blown away".  True Mad North